Do you ever wonder how a young company in Ann Arbor, Michigan is able to serve customers all over the world?...

Do you want to see the details of our operation?

Do you dare? Are you *Bad enough*?...

Welcome, traveler. Enjoy the fruits of our labors.

We are at your service!!!!!!





The Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company

(c)2014* Design By Jacob Canfield

Jack Taking Orders
Ordering Online

An eager customer places their order, either online or in the store!!!!

Adjusting Print Colors

An artist adjusts the colors of the design! This ensures a color-filled print!!!!!!!

Digital Printing Room

Welcome to the digital printing room!

How Screens Work

An image is split into its component colors, which are * flashed * onto screens!

How a Digital Printer Works

The digital printer! First it prints white, then color!

Adjusting Embroidery

A fancy software prepares a design for the process of embroidery! Only perfect stitching is allowed!

Computer sending data to embroidery machine
Embroidery Machine

Our beloved embroidery machine is hard at work. This process is so beautiful! Fun to watch!

Screen Printing
Packing digitally printed garments

Shirts are screen printed and packed!

Even the digitally printed shirts go through a dryer! Box them! Go!!!

Jack Delivers
Shipping your order

You can pick up in - store or the postal service can bring you a package!

This is it! They're ready!